Windbreak Shrubs

Slowing the wind, minimizing livestock odor, controlling the snow drift and creating a visual barrier can all be done with the correctly designed plantings.

Farmers know that trees and shrubs around their livestock facility can have a great impact on their operation.

Aronia, Black Chokeberry

Unique plant with colorful flower and foliage. Produces healthful, deep purple fruit to be juiced or canned. Spacing, 5ft.

Cherry, Nanking

Midwest hardy, fast growing. Dense, broad shape and small fruit create habitat for wildlife. Spacing, 5ft.

Cranberry, Highbush

Rapid grower, yet cold hardy. Will tolerate less drained soils. Dense, arched branching. Spacing, 5ft.

Dogwood, Redosier

Fantastic winter color. Medium sized shrub with loose outer branching, making it great plant for living snow fence. Small, 1/4 inch fruit is a source for pheasant habitats. Spacing, 3 to 5ft.

Hazelnut, American (Filbert)

Large, fast growing shrub. Tolerates sandy soils. Produces tasty nuts for roasting and cooking. Spacing, 6ft.

Lilac, Purple, White or Villosa

Traditional, showy, highly fragrant flowers. Medium growth rate with compact, round mature habit. Spacing, 5ft.

Ninebark, Common

Round, full shape with interesting peeling bark. Ninebark has arching branches, drooping downward, which is great for wildlife cover. White flowers in Spring. Orange to maroon Fall foliage. Spacing, 5 to 10ft.

Plum, American Wild

Large, spreading shrub creates a great hedge. Produces small plums, good for canning or attracting wildlife. Spacing, 7ft.